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Laurie Hays As far as I can remember I have always been a Life student, Spiritual Intuitive and Psychic Reader.
I was raised Catholic and was a catechist for the Church in the 1980's.

My Spiritual studies took me into all religions so tht I could really find out for myself what they were about and not just another person's opinion as to what they were about.

In my pursuit, I found loving truth in all segments and expressions of belief, just in different levels and understandings... I found a respect for all faiths and those that they assist.

In the 1990's I took Silva Mind Dynamics in an effort to explain my psychic gifts that I recognized as all too real, but needed an understanding of it to integrate as a main stream way of life. With that, I was able to understand the gifts of Spirit and more fully expand upon them.

I studied to enhance all my psychic abilities by incorporating tools such as psychometry, Reiki, aura, chakras, hands on healing, Joh Reih, tarot, numerology, astrology, palmistry, etc. But I also wanted to develop a clarity of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentient to utilize and integrate all of the gifts that are potentially available to me.

In the early 1990's I studied for the ministry of Spiritual and Metaphysical beliefs at the United Fellowship Chapel.

My journey lead me to study with Reverend Julie Anne Krieg, who I credit for showing me how to do readings in a clear and loving way, with integrity first and foremost.

The next step on this journey was to study at the Stairway of Light Learning Center in Tucson, where I served as a Deacon for two years and became an Ordained Minister in May 2005.

It is with great thankfulness to Spirit and the teachers that I have been so blessed to have, that I share my gifts of truth with integrity and compassion.

I channel Mother Mary and she and Kwan Yin are foundational to my understanding of Spirit in my life.

Spiritual Intuitive Sessions
by Rev. Laurie Hays

Gifted Psychic Reader
You will experience gentle truth in your readings that utilize spirit guided tools which include Palmistry & Tarot Cards.

Healing & Energy Work
Spiritual Counseling

Sessions can last from 45 minutes to
1 hour.

To schedule a session you may call direct 520-579-3777 to leave your name and number, including your area code, and I will return your call to set up a time for your session.

Laurie & Friend
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